mercredi 17 juin 2009

Finally, some news

A million apologies for not having updated the blog in ages. Due to some technical difficulties (first my computer, then our internet connection went awry), I was unable to write about some of the great things that have been going on at RWB. You may remember that we were very excited about our June events and they were certainly something to write about. So without further ado, here are a few photos from our events last June 7.

To start off the festivities of the Paris en Toutes Lettres, we decided to ask the lovely Anne Marsella to read from her new novel Patsy Boone. As always with Anne, the event was lovely, with people asking interested questions. We're all waiting for her upcoming novel called Baby from Belleville.

Our audience included Paul Schmidtberger, himself a published novelist

We were surprised (pleasantly) when Anne decided to ask a friend to play some music for her reading. A surprising choice but one that added an extra fun element to her reading..

We had just finished with the first one when it was time for the next event...this time a book about an elusive piano shop somewhere in the left bank...

Here's Penelope introducing our next writer and his best selling book....

Thad Carhart told us this funny story about a confusion between his book and one written by one of the Hell's Angels.

I'd read the Piano Shop on the Left Bank when it first came out and I've always wondered about the person behind the book. I was certainly very glad to finally meet him. I'm sure members of our audience (including David Burke) would agree with me!

For the final event of our Sunday extravanganza, we had three excellent poets reading from a selection of their works published in Norton's newest poetry anthology American Hybrid.

Stacy Dorris

Jorie Graham

Alice Notley

Our rapt audience included poets Jennifer Dick and Marilyn Hacker (who herself was doing a reading with Marie Etienne the following day)

With so many events taking place all in one day, it was not surprising that many of the authors who came around, either to attend or read had a great time mingling with each other and with RWB's great audience. It was certainly a fun and momentous day for all of us at RWB!

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