lundi 22 juin 2009

A bilingual reading

Its not so often that we have bilingual readings, RWB being an anglo-phone bookstore. However we do make certain exceptions, the most recent being the reading with poets Marilyn Hacker and Marie Etienne. Their book, which is a translation by Marilyn of Marie Etienne's poems is called King of a Hundred Horsemen. It was published to great critical acclaim and has since publication won two prizes for translation. Its a wondrous collection of poems, taking the form of cycles that themselves form a coherent and beautiful whole. Much of the poems read that night were those that focused on natural themes like birds which for a time greatly fascinated Marie. I have to confess that I didn't know Marie Etienne's poetry till the night of the reading and thanks to Marilyn's masterful translation, I was glad to make my acquaintance with her poems!

Here's a picture of our great audience who considerably livened up the reading with their interested and interesting questions!

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