lundi 11 mai 2009

Two lovely authors + events

We had the pleasure of having two lovely authors stop by recently at the RWB.

Carol Bruneau who hails from Nova Scotia has written critically acclaimed short story collections and novels, one of which, Purple for Sky (published in the US as "A Purple Thread for Sky"), won the 2001 Thomas Radall Atlantic Fiction Award as well as Dartmouth Book Award. Her latest novel is Glass Voices about a woman who survives the Halifax explosion of 1917. It was certainly nice to make her acquaintance and we look forward to seeing her again!

Our other visitor was RWB favorite Cara Black who is currently in town to do several events for her newest novel Murder in the Latin Quarter. She stopped by to say hello and later on set up a cosy little interview at the back of the store. Her newest novel brings Aimee Leduc for the first time on the Left Bank. As with the other Leduc novels, this new one is sure to be a good read!

Before I close this post, just a quick reminder for everyone. We have two events this week..
15 May 2009 6PM--book launch of Prof. Thornton's Advertising, Subjectivity and the 19th Century Novel
16 May 2009 3PM--reading by Carol Fisher Saller from her new book The Subversive Copy Editor
Hope to see you all soon!

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