dimanche 3 mai 2009

Events of the Month

We are happy to announce our events for the month of May. Please write them down in your agendas!

On the 15th of May (Friday) at 6PM, we will have the book launch of Sara Thornton's new book Advertising, Subjectivity and the Nineteenth-Century Novel. In her new book, Ms. Thornton examines the interaction between fiction and advertising. This is a unique study in the field of Victorian literature that is sure to enrich and shed new light on the matter.

After advertising and Victorian literature, we are happy to host Carol Fisher Saller in a reading of her book The Subversive Copy Editor on the 16th of May (Saturday) at 3PM. Ms. Saller is a senior editor at the Manuscript Editing Department of the University of Chicago. As such she is in the unique position of reading the numerous writing and style questions lobbed at the Chicago Manual of Style Q and A forum. Her new book is a must for all lovers of language and writing. This is a great opportunity to meet (and yes, ask those questions you've always had!) and partake of Ms. Saller's immense expertise!

All events will take place at 22 rue St. Paul, 75004. To be kept updated on all our events, be a part of our mailing list and send us an email (with the subject RWB Mailing List) at good.reading@wanadoo.fr. Keep reading this blog for all upcoming events in June and July too!
Hope to see you soon at RWB!

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