jeudi 27 novembre 2008

Poetry night

Continuing RWB's tradition of hosting great poetry readings, we had a very interesting night of poetry with Beverley Bie Brahic, Elizabeth Haukass and Jonathan Regier last Tuesday. As always our evening began with an introduction by Penelope Le Masson and after a bit of deliberation amongst the three poets, it was decided that youth would come before experience....

So the poetry began with Jonathan, who read from his book Three Years from Upstate. He also took time to explain a little bit about the structure of his poems...

Up next was Elizabeth Haukaas, whose new book Leap will be available next year in the US. She read a series of selections from Leap whose main subject matter is a sobering one--that of a single mother dealing with children's illnesses.

And last (but definitely not the least) we had the wonderful Beverley who read a carefully chosen selection of her works from her book Against Gravity as well as her translations of Francis Ponge's poems. She read in a wonderfully cadenced way that allowed the audience to fully savor the lines of the poems.
Of course our wonderful audience couldn't resist asking the poets questions which they graciously answered..
And here are some pics of those who came and I dare say, enjoyed themselves thoroughly!

Up next for RWB is the book launch of Robert V. Camuto's book Corkscrewed. Write this date down, its going to be on the 4th of December (from 6-8) at the Juveniles wine bar 47 rue de Richelieu 75001. I'm sure that's going to be another fun evening!

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