dimanche 16 novembre 2008

Our evening with Agnes and Anne at RWB!

I'm happy to report that last Friday's reading with the lovely Anne Marsella and Agnes Desarthe was a rousing success! Despite the rather gloomy weather, people came in droves and our cosy little haven was full. Our evening started off with an introduction by RWB's Penelope of these two books and why we loved them. These were grown up books, she declared set in or about Paris, and it shows people how life can be in our city, far from the glossy pages of the numerous guidebooks.
So we had Anne start the reading, by introducing her Remedy, a unique young girl, whose adventures in the city can give Carrie or Bridget a run for their money. We were also lucky enough to be introduced to Anne's latest heroine, Patsy Boone. As this is her first book in French, be sure to get it in your favorite French bookstore.

After Anne, Agnes took the floor.....she read out one of the funniest passages from her book...

Here's a photo of some of the people who decided to spend the evening with us.... lots of friends but also new faces we will undoubtedly be seeing again..
After all our questions were exhausted, Anne and Agnes signed their books to the delight of the audience.

All in all a great evening! And if you missed last Friday, no need to fret, we have a Night of Poetry coming up. Don't forget to write down this date in your agenda---25th of November (Tuesday) at 7PM with Beverley Bie Brahic, Jonathan Regier and Elizabeth Haukass!

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Anonyme a dit…

Thank you Meg! It was a lovely evening and what fun to see the photos of it on your blog!