lundi 6 avril 2009

A mystery writer unmasked

One of RWB's consistent best seller is the Victor Legris series written by Claude Izner. No sooner do we lay them out in our French fiction table do they get snapped up by our readers, eager to read the next adventure. They are mystery novels set in the late 19th century in different parts of Paris. The 4th and latest novel translated from the French is The Marais Assasin. I don't know if its a well known fact already but Claude Izner is actually the nom de plume of the two sisters who co-write these hugely successful books. They are boquinistes by trade. Last Thursday, we had a pleasant surprise when one half of the duo stopped by at RWB. Laurence Lefevre is a quiet unassuming looking woman and it was a real pleasure to meet with at least one of those responsible for Victor Legris. In fact English audiences have a way to go because while the latest one we have is the fth, the series is actually well on its 8th book and the sisters are currently working on the 9th! We are looking forward to more books from Claude Izner!

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