vendredi 6 février 2009

On Paris Guide books

Today was a blessedly beautiful day, blue skies and relatively mild weather. Finally. It was certainly a welcome relief. So we threw open our doors and who should walk in but Heather Stimmler-Hall who's just published her own unique guide to Paris. Her book is called Naughty Paris Guide and it is chock full of insider tips about this fabulous city of ours, albeit with an empahsis on its sexy side. As Heather puts it, "there were a lot of people asking her about these details". So for all you ladies out there, if you've ever wondered where to buy those corsets (leather or otherwise) and lingerie that add that va-va voom touch to your wardrobe, or wondered where a fabulous woman may hang out and maybe meet the love of her life, this is the book for you. Champagne and roses not included.

Another Paris guide book to look forward to is the one by Ami Sioux a talented photographer who was in RWB today. Her idea behind her guide books is highly original and wonderfully interesting. The idea is to ask 50 different people to draw a map of their favorite place and she goes out to take a photo of each place. It sounds simple but the result is a unique guide to what makes a city so special to the people who live in it. As she puts it, "its not about the latest or trendiest cafe". To get an idea of what her Paris book will be like, check out the first one on Reykjavik

Here's a page on Reykjavik...
For more of Ami's work, check out

Also in the store today were Jobic and Emilie Le Masson. If you guys aren't yet aware of it, we are carrying Hill, Jobic's awesome first CD. In my completely unbiased opinion, this is a great CD and one you should be listening to. If you have the chance to hear Jobic play, you should definitely do so. For more information on his concerts, check out his website

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