mercredi 9 juillet 2008

Siren of the Waters

Last night, RWB hosted the first official book launch of Michael Genelin's Siren of the Waters. Despite the sudden downpour, we had a lovely turnout and there was an anticipatory mood amongst everyone. We started with an introduction by RWB's own Penelope Le Masson and then the floor was turned over to Michael who talked about how his story came about. It was interesting to hear how his essentially legal background gave rise to his book. But what was even more interesting to learn was the fact of the real existence of Jana albeit in a different form. made me quite curious to learn about this formidable woman who inspired a soon to be series of books. The reading itself went very well with everyone listening with rapt attention. From what I heard last night, it seems that Michael has written a real page turner!

Get your copy now at RWB and be one of the first to read this excellent addition to crime fiction.

3 commentaires:

maitresse a dit…

Hi there! Where are you listing your events these days? I don't see them on the new site anywhere, and I try to keep an updated listing of readings on my blog.

Red Wheelbarrow a dit…

Hello Lauren! Sorry for the delayed response, was away from my computer thanks to the long weekend. We generaly post our events on the blog and the site a week or so before the actual event. No actual event listing at the moment. And our events will start again after summer in September with Amy Bloom. Thanks for visiting and hope you keep reading us!

maitresse a dit…

good to know, thanks!