jeudi 12 juin 2008

An invitation to a reading

On Tuesday, the 17th of June, Clayton Eshleman will be reading from his newest book The Complete Poetry, Cesar Vallejo at the Red Wheelbarrow. Mr. Eshleman has previously published other translations of Cesar Vallejo’s poetry but it is only in his latest book that all his previous works are included in one volume. It includes The Black Heralds (1918), Trilce (1922), Human Poems (1939), and Spain, Take This Cup from Me (1939). It is a forty year labor of love for Mr. Eshleman as he has consistently strived over the years to “translate, but never interpret” the works of Vallejo in the most accurate manner. Since its publication the book has garnered critical praise. Mr. Eshleman is also the acclaimed writer of Archaic Design, a collection of his own poetry, essays and notes as well as Juniper Fuse, his book on the Upper Paleolithic Caves in southwestern France.
Everyone is invited to join us in what surely must be one of the most interesting events of the summer. The event starts at 7pm at Red Wheelbarrow at 22 rue St. Paul 75004. We look forward to seeing you there.

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