mardi 27 mai 2008

News and Events

The time draws near for the announcement of the winners for the annual Red Wheelbarrow Creative Writing Contest! This year, the announcement will be made on the 31st of May (Saturday) at 6PM at the Ecole Massillon Chapel. We have the honor of having prize winning author Jack Gantos as the Master of Ceremonies. For all of those interested in attending this exciting event, Massillon is at located 2 bis, Quai des Celestins 75004.

For other news, we would like to invite everyone to a book signing with National Book Award Winner Clayton Eshleman on the 17 of June 2008 7PM at the RWB. Mr. Eshleman will be reading poetry from his new new translation of The Complete Poetry of Cesar Vallejo as well his own poetry.

And for all academics, the required books for this year's CAPES /AGREG are now available at the RWB.

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