samedi 12 avril 2008

A good way to while away the time

From the title, you know right away that this is chick lit, light reading if you will. But this is not to say that it is not a well written one. With Bride Hunter, Amy Appleton has crafted a light tale of a young woman who after suffering her own disastrous failure in love, decides to become a modern day matchmaker, hence her sobriquet Bride Hunter. She is utterly determined to save others from a lonely fate while at the same time keeping her own heart safe from further harm. Complications ensue when she realizes that she might be in danger of falling once more to the siren call of love despite all her efforts. Appleton keeps the tone light and funny, and the book zips along with its own charm. This is a book that can quite easily be turned into a great romantic comedy film well into the tradition of Notting Hill or Love Actually. It’s the perfect read for the sunny spring days that we are now beginning to enjoy!

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Amy Appleton a dit…

Merci! Google alerts sent me here and thank you for your lovely comments on the book,
Amy x