vendredi 28 mars 2008

For fantasy lovers

Recently, Kathleen Duey stopped by the store to sign copies of her book Skin Hunger which was a finalist in the National Book Award for Literature for young readers. Since its publication, Skin Hunger has been gathering praise from critics and readers alike. It is the first book in a trilogy. It tells the alternating story of two teenagers living generations apart but whose lives are somehow intertwined far more closely than they think. Sadima is a young woman living at a time when magic is feared and reviled and practitioners are hated. However, she herself has an affinity for magic and when her father dies she comes to the big city to live with Franklin and Somiss, two magicians who are working to legitimize magic and to restore it to its noble purpose. The alternate chapters tell the story of Hahp. He is the second born son of a wealthy man who sends him to the Magicians Academy where only one out of ten boys will live to become a magician. In Hahp’s time, magic is reserved only for the wealthy.
This is a deeply absorbing novel that grips you from the initial pages till the cliffhanger end. The characters are well drawn, with their flaws and their strengths and are worth rooting for. The story is never condescending and is intelligently told. You genuinely want to know what happens to Sadima and Hahp and how their lives will finally intersect. Even readers not particularly fond of the fantasy genre will appreciate the well told story of two people trying to make their way in a difficult world.

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